Is Depression Connected To The EDUCATION System

Is Depression Connected To The EDUCATION System?

While conversing with my friends some while ago made me realize one thing, the education system is indeed the cause of depression in a student’s life. Some of the adults may not agree to this, but as current victims of the education system we cannot disagree many fellow students like us are choosing to end their lives almost every passing day. The horrifying reality is known to all, but nobody is ready to abate the pressure put upon us.

Why is depression connected to the EDUCATION system?

The very answer to this question is the limited choice that has been provided to us and the pressure of a humongous syllabus. Even in the 21st century our country has not provided us with many options. Students who want to pursue a particular subject are not able to do that because of the extra-additional subjects that are connected to their core ones. If one wants to pursue Biology, taking up math becomes compulsory.

Is Depression Connected To The EDUCATION System

Compared to the limited choices, the syllabus for every subject is massive. There is not one student who can deny that the syllabus burdens them. We are taught things that are not required in our ordinary lives. Instead of counselling us in case of career options, we are taught what trigonometry focuses on. Trigonometry is important, but we are not going measure heights of poles or buildings while going for an interview.

How students are coping up with this EDUCATION system?

There are two ways that students have decided to take up in order to cope-up with the system that has been choking them since they have started to learn. Either they decide to drop-out or they decide to end their lives. Neither one is healthy; instead the latter one is supremely drastic. These mechanisms are perhaps termed as ‘coping’ mechanisms, but do you really think these are the ways the youth of a country should opt for? Shouldn’t the youth of the country be enthusiastic about their future days, shouldn’t they be looking forward to a time when they’ll formulate decisions for their own country? Well, that is not the case here. The intense pressure on students has forced them to resort to measures that are irrevocable. The bitterness that enters a student’s mind due to such pressure is indescribable.

Although it is the 21st century, we’re living in a world of less opportunity and more deaths.